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Intense tricep workout

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Whenever you wave to someone, do your bingo wings keep moving even after your arm has stopped? If so, it’s past time to get those triceps working and tone those arms. Give this at-home, minimal equipment workout a try, and finally get rid of those bingo wings!

Try this 20 minute workout at home, and wave goodbye to those granny arms for good!


  1. Plancha tipo comando
  2. Extensión de tríceps
  3. Push-ups x 8
  4. Patada de tríceps
  5. Shoulder press


  • Timer
  • 2m of open space
  • Some dumbbells or objects that weigh around half a kilo (cans of soup are a good option)
  • A bottle of water - you're gonna sweat!

Heve everything you need? Ready to go? Then, let's do it!


Tricep workout pdf


Jog in place for 5 minutes, attempting to move faster and get your heart rate climbing as the time goes by. This will get your blood pumping to your muscles, preparing your body for the upcoming exercise session.

The objective

Perform 10 reps of each exercise, immediately moving to the next exercise after completing the previous one (perform in a circuit fashion).

Aim to get as many rounds of each exercise in as possible before the 20-minute timer goes off.If you can get through 5 rounds of each exercise, you’re amazing!

The circuit

1. Commando plank x 10

rutina triceps

Start in a plank position, with forearms and toes on ground.

Lean on the left arm and place right hand on ground. Next lean onto right hand and place left hand on ground. You’ll now find yourself in a high pushup position.

Reverse the movement by placing one forearm on the ground at a time, returning to the starting position.


10 reps, then immediately move to the next exercise!

2. Tricep extensions x 10

Stand and hold a weighted object of choice (can of soup, dumbbell, whatever!) behind your head. Next, attempt to straighten out your elbows without moving any other part of your arm so that the weighted object moves up toward the ceiling.

Reverse the movement by allowing your elbows to slowly bend so that the weighted object is behind your head again, where you started the movement.


10 reps, then immediately move to the next exercise!

3. Push-ups x 10

Don’t worry! If you can’t do pushups on the ground, do them with your hands on your couch and feet on the ground. If you can’t do them that way, do them on the wall!

To perform a push up, you start with your arms straight then slowly lower your chest toward your hands. Once you get as low as you can, you push your body back up to the starting position.


10 reps, then immediately move to the next exercise!

4. Tricep kickback x 10

Grab your weighted object (or just do the movement without weight, you will still feel the burn!) and bend over slightly at the waist. Allow your arms to hang down toward the floor. Pull your weighted object toward your chest, attempting to keep your elbows tight beside you as you perform the movement. Slowly let your arms drop back down toward the starting position.

NOTE: if this movement bothers your back, support yourself with one arm and on a stable surface, such as a chair or table while the other arm performs the movement.


10 reps, then immediately move to the next exercise!

5. Overhead press x 10

Once again, grab your weighted object or just perform the movement without weight. In standing, hold the weighted object at shoulder height and push your arms straight up overhead toward the ceiling. Reverse the movement and allow your arms and the weight to return to the starting position.


Repeat 10 times and then return to up/down planks. Remember to drink water and take a small break if you need to - but not for too long, you need to keep up the energy and adrenaline to make the most of this workout!

Repeat the whole circuit over and over
until the timer goes off. You can do this!!

Once the timer finally goes off, signaling the end of the workout, it’s time to cool down. Perform the following stretches to help your heart and muscles get back to baseline.

1. Overhead Triceps Stretch

estiramiento triceps

In standing, reach one arm over and behind your head. Grab the elbow of this arm with your opposite hand and lightly push down until you feel a gentle stretch in your triceps. Hold this stretch for 10 seconds and repeat 3 times on each arm.

2. Cross-Body Shoulder Stretch

estiramiento brazos

Bring one of your arms across your body, as if you are giving yourself a hug. Grab the elbow of this arm with your opposite hand and push slightly further into the stretch until you feel a gentle pulling sensation in the back of your shoulder. Hold the stretch for 10 seconds and repeat 3 times on each side.

3. Pot Stirrers

revolver la olla

Bend over at the waist, slightly biasing one side and allow an arm to dangle down in front of you. Move your hips in a gentle, circular motion and allow your arm to move with the momentum, as if it’s a giant ladle stirring a huge pot of soup! Continue for 10 seconds and repeat 3 times on each side.

Una vez que tu respiración haya vuelto a la normalidad y te sientas recuperado, choca los cinco. ¡Has hecho tu primer entrenamiento para quemar tus alas de murciélago “Adiós Flacidez”!

You Finished the Workout! Now What?

First of all, congratulations! Acabas de terminar un rutina triceps muy difícil y tu dedicación es impresionante. Debes estar orgulloso del gran esfuerzo que has hecho por tu salud, y es probable que sientas los efectos posteriores durante unos días.

While your bingo wings may not be gone after just one workout, with a commitment to a healthy lifestyle including a good diet and regular exercise, you’ll reach your fitness goals in no time.

We recommend that you perform this workout 2 times a week, trying to complete more rounds each time you do. Additionally, some other easy changes to add to your routine are to add some vegetables to every meal and to go for a 20 minute walk every day. It doesn’t take much! Small changes can do so much to help. Now go get some rest, and get ready for more next time!, intentando completar más rondas cada vez que lo hagas.

Además, otros cambios fáciles de añadir a tu rutina implican agregar algunas verduras a cada comida y salir a caminar 20 minutos cada día. ¡No requiere mucho esfuerzo! Los pequeños cambios pueden ayudar mucho. ¡Ahora, descansa un poco, y prepárate para la próxima vez. ¡Hasta pronto!

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Caty is a blogger and ISSA-certified personal trainer. She loves designing core workouts and doing HIIT sessions.

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