Ultimate Glute Circuit | 9 Booty-tastic Exercises for a Tight Tush!

glute exercises

Booty building is in and let’s be honest it’s a lot of fun! With so many variations and different types of squats, it can be a little confusing but mostly exciting once you understand what these squats are working!

Booty circuits are great because they not only get you sweating and tone your butt, but they also don’t need to take a lot of time to work!

Let’s talk about what you need (not a lot) and get your commitment to strong glutes going!

First, you’ll need a few things for this workout. There are bodyweight variations of everything but to offer more advanced versions.

What you'll need

First, you’ll need a few things for this workout. There are bodyweight variations of everything but to offer more advanced versions.

  • Grab some dumbbells you are comfortable lifting with squats 10-45 lbs. is recommended. You can grab two dumbbells that are on the lighter side and one heavier dumbbell.
  • A resistance band to put around your legs.

The exercises

  1. Band walks
  2. Hip thrusts
  3. Lunges
  4. SLDL with weight
  5. Step-up with weight
  6. Fire hydrants
  7. Plied squat
  8. Glute Bridge March -
  9. Double jump squat


circuito gluteos pdf

YOUR SQUAT CHALLENGE STARTS NOW! With minimal equipment and the ability to work out from your home, there’s no reason to wait! Get burning those buns!

Circuit 1 (Warm-up)

Follow the 1-3 sequence till completion then repeat once..

Total sets: 2

  1. Band walks x 10 each way
  2. Hip thrusts x 10
  3. Walking lunges x 6 each leg

1. Band walks

Band walks squat challenge

Place a resistance band around your knees and assume a squat position. Chest up. Knees slightly wider than a hip-length apart. Take your right foot and step out to the right and then your left will follow. Do 10 steps to the right and 10 steps to the left.


Do 10 steps to the right and 10 to the left.

2. Hip thrusts or lifts

hip lift

Keep your band around your knees. Lay on your back with your feet flat. Lay your arms on either side of you and push with your feet and lift your butt off the ground. Your shoulders should remain on the ground.


Do 10 reps.

3. Zancadas


Sin peso, toma tu pie derecho y haz una zancada hacia delante. Vuelve a la posición inicial y repite con la otra pierna.


Do 6 reps each leg.

Repeat the circuit once!

Circuit 2

Follow the 1-3 sequence till completion then repeat once..

Total sets: 2

  1. SLDL with weight x 6 reps each leg
  2. Step-Up with weight x 6 reps each leg
  3. Fire hydrants x 8 reps each leg

1. SLDL with weight

sldl with weight

Hold a light dumbbell in your right hand. Then balance on your left leg. You will lower your head to the ground will pushing your right foot straight behind you. You want to have a slight bend in the knee that is balancing.

It’s important to keep your back flat and chest down. Return to the straight position. Once you do six you can do the other leg.


Do 6 reps each leg.


Instead of balancing on one leg, you can do this exercise on two legs with a weight in each hand. You will keep the same bend in your knees and push your butt back.

2. Step-up with weight


Hold one dumbbell under your chin and find a box or a stair to step onto. Place your left foot on top of the box and keep your right foot on the ground.

Step up and raise your right knee to hip level and bring it back down to the ground.


Do 6 reps and then switch sides. 

3. Fire hydrants

fire hydrant squat challenge

Place a band around your knees and take a position with your hands and knees on the floor. Tighten your core and leave your left knee on the ground while kicking your right leg out to the side like a dog does when they go to pee on a fire hydrant. Complete 8 and switch legs.


Do 8 reps each leg.

Repeat the circuit once!

Circuit 3

Follow the 1-3 sequence till completion then repeat once..

Total sets: 2

  1. Plied squats x 12 reps
  2. Glute bridge march x 8 reps each leg
  3. Double jump squat x 3 reps

1. Plied squat

plied squat

This will be like a regular squat except you will have your feet pointing slightly outwards like a plied and a widened stance.

Take a heavier dumbbell and hold it under your chin. It’s important to keep your chest up.


Do 6 reps and then switch sides. 

2. Glute bridge march

glute bridge march

Without a band go back to the hip lift position at the top. Now, without lowering your hips lift your right leg while keeping your knee bent and put it down. Then do your left. This should be a consistent march.


Do 8 reps each side.


Instead of marching, you can do tiny heel taps by only lifting the heel a few inches off the ground.  

2. Double jump squat

double jump squat

Assume the squat position. From a lowered squat you will jump out of it and land back in this position. For a double squat jump, you will do two back-to-back jumps quickly. Once you do two, hold the squat position for 5 seconds and do another two. This would count as 2-double-squat jumps. You’ll do one more. 


Do 3 reps.


Instead of jumping you can do tiny pulses in the squat position to mimic the movement.

Benefits of a squat challenge

The benefits never end! Here are some of the many benefits you’ll get from doing this squat circuit.

  • The obvious is you will tone, lift, and firm your glutes by isolating them doing these workouts. These exercises will stimulate the different areas of the glutes to get a full-round picture. No pun intended.
  • These exercises are fat burning! Most of the time when we use our glutes we are also using the muscles in our back and our core. So not only are you working on your glutes but you are also working on your waist, back, and abs!
  • It’s different. Sometimes trying to work on too many different areas at once can get boring. By creating a challenge and isolating the glutes we can see results faster and have fun in the process of doing so.

We hope you liked this workout. Here you can find more workouts targeting different areas of the body.

Don't forget to download the PDF (it's free!).

Until next time!


Caty is a blogger and certified personal trainer. She loves designing workouts for different age groups.

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